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How to sign up for scrips

Purchase gift cards to use at stores you shop at and raise funds for Robinson Crew. 
​Website:  Scrip Gift Card Fundraising for Organizations • RaiseRight


  • Click Signup

  • Under Join an Existing Program

    • Enter Enrollment Code:  8LC961A62146

    • Click Join a Program

  • Create your account

    • Enter your rower's name in the Person's Name field​

  • Enter the Registration information

  • For Group:  Enter Robinson Crew

  • Click Next

  • Continue setting up your account 

  • Start shopping for eGift Cards or physical cards shipped to your home for a minimal fee.

    • DO NOT purchase physical cards to be shipped to the coordinator. 

  • Add your bank account, debit card or credit card to payment options when you check-out with your first purchase.    

  • Funds raised through the purchase of gift cards will be credited toward your season fundraising obligation. 

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Store Link

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