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Team Member Obligation


To keep Robinson Crew an elite Virginia Scholastic Rowing organization, we need every team member to contribute the following each season:


Accumulate 10 Volunteer Points

Raise $200 In Fundraising


“Ten & Two for Our Crew”

1.  Volunteer your time to accumulate 10 points.


Sample volunteer opportunities:

  • Carpool Driver - 0.5 points (per trip)

  • Tag Day Cashier - 2 points

  • Regatta Food Tent - 1 point (per set up or take down)

  • Regatta Concessions Stand - 1 point (per regatta)

  • Regatta Launch Boat Driver - 2 points (per regatta)

  • Carpool Coordinator - 5 points each (two coordinators)

The full list of volunteer opportunities and the corresponding point values can be found here

The Robinson Crew Booster Club (RCBC) assigns point values to each volunteer position based on expected level of effort and time commitment.


The RCBC will continuously track and report point totals and will assess team members a fee of $50 per point for any shortfall at the end of the season to ensure every rower’s membership remains “in good standing.”


There is no “buy out” option for volunteering, as our team needs your time in these areas. 

2.  Raise at least $200 profit through these activities:


  • Letter Writing Campaign

  • Bundt Cake Sales

  • Sponsorships

  • RaiseRight (Scrip/Gift Cards)


If you are unable to participate, reach $200, or prefer not to fundraise, you have the option to “buy out” and pay the remainder of the fundraising obligation.  Team members can buy out, fundraise, or use a combination of both methods to reach the $200 fundraising obligation. These fundraisers are necessary for our program to operate and to keep our registration fees relatively low.  


Tag Day is a mandatory fundraising event (all rowers) and is not included in this $200 individual goal.  We also need your help finding and engaging corporate sponsors (more in the FAQs).  


Please help us keep our proud tradition of Ram Rowing thriving by completing your share of the team member obligation. 


Rowing is a team sport – the strength of a boat is the combination of our individual efforts.

We need each of you to row hard for our program.

Robinson Crew Team Member Obligation FAQs


Q:  Why is rowing so expensive?

A:  Robinson Crew is completely self-funded and receives no money from Robinson Secondary School or Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).  The RCBC has been able to keep registration fees relatively low compared to other local high school programs because of strong volunteering and generous contributions by our community and families like you. 


Q:  How did the RCBC determine that 10 points and $200 is the right amount?

A:  The RCBC used an average of both volunteer and fundraising needs over the past several seasons (considering inconsistencies during COVID) to keep the program operating at its highest levels and still keep registration fees relatively low.  The RCBC feels that the resulting “Ten & Two for Our Crew” satisfies those needs and will continue to re-evaluate program needs each season.


Q:  When does the season for accumulating points begin and end?

A:  Beginning with the 2023-2024 season, the RCBC “membership season” will run from July to June.

Q:  If I find a corporate sponsor, does that contribute to my fundraising requirement?

A:  Yes – 10% of corporate sponsorships secured go towards a rower’s $200 requirement.  Example:  a single $250 sponsor would equate to $25 off your requirement, $1000 would be $100 off, $2000 would be $200, etc.”


Q:  What happens to any extra points I have at the end of next season?

A:  Beginning with the 2023-2024 Season, points will not carry over to the next season.  Points will reset each year in November.  In addition, members cannot “gift” any extra points to other members.


Q:  What does it mean to be a member “in good standing?”

A:  Membership in good standing is defined in the RCBC Bylaws found here.


Q:  What is Tag Day?  Why is my rower required to participate?

A:  Tag Day (door to door soliciting) is a two-day event occurring annually in February.  All rowers are required to participate in Tag Day.  Tag Day is the single largest fundraising event of the season, averaging over $15,000 of contributions annually.


​Q:  What is Letter Writing Campaign?  

A:  Letter Writing Campaign consists of team members sending letters to friends and family members soliciting donations.  This is our second largest fundraising event of the season.  Specific details regarding the letter writing fundraiser will be provided in the winter.

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