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Uniforms & Spirit Wear
The Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association (VASRA) provides the oversight for competitive scholastic rowing regattas on the Occoquan Reservoir at Sandy Run Regional Park.  The VASRA Representatives' Handbook, Article 3, Part B, Section 3 – 201 states the following:

"All Competitors in a Crew shall wear identical clothing. Such clothing shall cover the torso of the body and may include sweat gear. The Chief Referee may grant exceptions to this rule on account of unusual weather conditions. An exception will also be granted to composite Crews.  Individual Competitors in a Crew may choose whether or not to wear a hat or other headgear, which may be of the individual Competitor’s own choosing and need not be identical with those worn by other Crew members."

For our team, we require each rower to have the Robinson unisuit (referred to as a “uni”) and long-sleeve spandex shirt for cold weather race days.  We recommend rowers purchase the splash jacket for rainy days, but it is not required.

The team does have a supply of left-over and hand-me-down uniform pieces.  Sometimes ordered gear isn’t claimed; often families donate items when their rower graduates. 


For more information about uniforms or ordering spirit wear, please contact Megan Counts at or via Slack.

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