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RCBC organizes carpool for rowers during water season, which is typically from the end of February to late May/early June.  Carpool is offered to our rowers to get them from Robinson to Sandy Run on full school days.  Families are responsible for picking up their rowers from practice at Sandy Run or coordinating with other parents to carpool home.  Carpool is not run on the weekends, holidays, during teacher workdays, or when there is early dismissal.  Please use the SignUpGenius links posted in Slack to indicate your need for a ride or availability to drive.


  • First and most important, rowers are expected to adhere to the FCPS Student Rights & Responsibilities while using carpool.  Please treat your drivers and their property with respect.  Please do not eat in the car unless the driver allows it, wear your seat belt, and clean up after yourself.

  • Rowers MUST sign up no later than 5pm the Sunday night prior to the upcoming week.  Unfortunately, rowers who have not signed up for rides by the prior Sunday evening at 5pm will be required to make alternative travel arrangements to the water.

  • Rowers must arrive along the side of Robinson Middle School by door 5 before 3:20 pm.  Please make sure to check in with the carpool coordinator.  The last car will depart at 3:30 pm SHARP!

  • Rowers must follow the instructions of the carpool coordinator and go with the assigned driver.  Please do not wait for specific cars or friend groups, this just holds up the entire process and will delay practice.

  • Rowers must submit a completed PARENTAL AUTHORIZATION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK FOR FIELD TRIP form prior to participating in carpool.  This form can be found on the FCPS website.



  • Organizing carpool takes a lot of effort, and the coordinators shouldn’t have to search for rowers who don’t show up for their reservation. 

  • If you no longer need to carpool for the day due to illness or an absence, please notify the carpool coordinators via Slack as soon as possible. 

  • Rowers who have three unexcused no-shows will be put on probation from carpool for 1 week.  For example, a rower who skips carpool to ride with a friend or decides to skip practice for the day without adequate notification, will be marked as unexcused.  If the problem persists, the board will consider taking action and banning the rower from using carpool permanently. 


  • Drivers must submit a completed FIELD TRIP DRIVER'S LICENSE AND VEHICLE INSURANCE INFORMATION form prior to driving for carpool.  This document can be found on the FCPS website.

  • Arrive at the school for rower pick up between 3:10 and 3:30 pm alongside the Middle School by door 5, just before the preschool, on the access road that runs parallel to Roberts Road.

  • To discourage rowers from crossing the street, your car's passenger side must be closest to the sidewalk (car heading toward the back of the school).  The last car will depart at 3:30 sharp!

  • CHECK-IN:  Note:  To ensure the proper awarding of points, please check in with the carpool attendant prior to departing for the boat house.

  • As much as the rowers may appreciate snacks and drinks, please do not provide handouts.  This leads to rowers waiting for specific drivers which can delay the entire carpool service. 

  • Parents are expected to keep their commitment to drive carpool if they have signed up, even if their rower is not using it that day. 

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