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Robinson Crew Program Director:

     Stefan Koch  -

Elected Officers 2022-23

Mark Davis

Krista Strickland

Vice President, Membership

Brandon Booher

Valerie Dunn

Judie Lieberman

Vice President, Ways and Means

Evie Remaley Hasch

Kim Metzger

Marc Gelfand

Vice President, Operations

RCBC Board Position Descriptions

  • President - Is responsible for the day-to-day operations of RCBC; presides at all meetings, appoints all committees and is an ex-officio member of them; is the principal representative of RCBC to VASRA; is responsible for assigning the duties of the At-Large Positions on the Board.

  • Secretary - Keeps minutes of each RCBC meeting, is responsible for notifying all members of regular and special meetings, composes official correspondence for RCBC, monitors Crew P.O. Box for mail.

  • Treasurer - Responsible for preparing the RCBC budget, for collecting and disbursing any and all monies on behalf of RCBC. Maintains accurate accounts of all receipts and expenditures of RCBC, prepares written monthly financial reports.

  • Vice President for Administration - Oversees the administration activities of RCBC, assists the President in the discharge of his/her duties (to include filling in during the absence of the President at meetings). Oasis Coordinator; Away Regatta Coordinators; Home Food Coordinator; Athletic Boosters Representative; and the Pasta Party, Awards Banquet, Chili Cook-Off and End of Year Picnic Coordinators, Spring Break and Carpool Coordinators.

  • Vice President for Ways & Means - Responsible for all fund-raising activities of RCBC and oversees the coordinators for these events (to include Tag Day, Bridal Show, Letter Writing, Round Robinson 5k Run and any others). Oversees the Magnet Sales, Uniform and Spirit Wear Sales Coordinator; oversees the Public Relations Coordinator. Promotes and locates new opportunities for fundraising events.

  • Vice President for Membership - Responsible for conducting membership recruitment drives, managing membership forms, and providing monthly reports to the board on current membership numbers. Oversees the Swim Test Coordinator, the Study Hall Coordinator, the Recruitment Coordinator and the Service Hour Coordinator.

  • Vice President for Operations - Responsible for the purchase and maintenance of most of the equipment owned and operated by RCBC, including shells, oars, cox boxes, launches, motors, ERGS, and ancillary equipment. Develops budgets and purchases new equipment, spare parts, and maintenance services. Performs preventive maintenance and reactive repair to ensure that equipment operates in a safe and effective manner. Provides on-site support during home and away regattas to ensure the condition of RCBC equipment will give Robinson rowers a competitive advantage. Provides logistics and other support to the coaches, actively handling all equipment needs so the coaches can stay focused on coaching.

  • At Large - Writes Quick Catches, oversees the Webmaster, E-Mail Coordinator.

  • At Large, Finance - Away Regatta Coordinators; Oversees the Scrip Program.

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