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2022-2023 Volunteer Positions

For more information about any of these positions or if you would like to volunteer, please contact

  • VASRA Representative (25 hours) - Leann Parente

    • Acts as our liaison with VASRA​

  • Carpool Coordinator (75 hours) -Jackie Beck 

    • Organizes the rower carpool once water practice starts.​

  • Carpool Coordinator Assistant (25 hours - subject to adjustment if deemed appropriate) - Open

    • Help the Carpool Coordinator as needed.​

  • Spirit Wear (25 hours) - Sara Davis

    • Orders and maintains inventory of our spirit wear items.  ​

  • Uniform Coordinator (10 hours) - Megan Counts

    • Orders and distributes uniforms for the team.

  • Robinson Athletic Boosters Liaison (25 hours) - Stephen Rothandler

    • Ensures we have volunteers for the Robinson Oasis during sporting events. ​

  • Bridal Show Coordinator (25 hours) - Open

    • Organizes volunteers for the January bridal show.​

  • Food Tent Coordinator, Home Regattas (25 hours) - Open

    • Organizes donations for our rower tent during regatta season.​

  • Webmaster (25 hours) - Kristi Donovan

    • Updates content on the website and email accounts as needed.​

  • Letter Writing Coordinator (25 hours) - Micaela Williamson

    • Runs the annual fundraising letter writing campaign.

  • Tag Day Coordinator (25 hours) - Diane DiPetro

    • Runs the annual Tag Day fundraising weekend.​

  • Service Hour Coordinator (25 hours) - Hamid Munir

    • Keeps track of all of the service hours families have earned via an online Google sheet.

  • Travel Regatta Coordinator, Stotesbury (25 hours) - Open

    • Organizes the accommodations, food, tents, etc. for our away regattas, i.e. Stotesbury Cup and Nationals. 

  • Sponsorship Coordinator  (25 hours) - Kate Mattice

    • Responsible for reaching out to and working with businesses who are willing to sponsor the Robinson Crew team. 

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